Check Out My New Collaboration!! | Lele Pons x Tarte Cosmetics

22. nov.. 2019
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  • TAG ME IN YOUR LOOKS!! I want to see all of them! I spent the last year working with tarte making this palette so EASY AND EFFORTLESS for EVERYONE to use!! It's great for day AND night looks!! Use the hashtag #LelePonsxTarte so I can see and share your looks!!! BESOS!

    Lele PonsLele PonsÅr siden
    • Tú cómo eres tú popular o de otra cosa o con quién vive

      Laura CeliLaura Celi3 måneder siden
    • Ok 🥰 😍

      XD's AdventuresXD's Adventures5 måneder siden
    • @AnbuPump .😂

      Kamila _Kamila _6 måneder siden
    • @AnbuPump hi

      Kamila _Kamila _6 måneder siden
    • Lele sometimes I think I love you TOOOOOOO much but I like that

      Brianna TraderBrianna Trader7 måneder siden
  • Toby is so grown up!!! 🥰

    Flxwer xFlxwer xMåned siden
  • I have the pallet and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    ameliaa Aameliaa AMåned siden
  • Can you please make more videos please 🥺😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺

    Moo moo GalaxyMoo moo GalaxyMåned siden
  • Brooo it is at the Sephora

    Hello It is meHello It is meMåned siden
  • I love the makeup so much lele

    Princess WPrincess W3 måneder siden
  • Xq no hablas en español

    Ana MejíasAna Mejías3 måneder siden
  • Love you Lele Pons ❤🌹

    كارلوسكارلوس4 måneder siden
  • Tamarindo is a fruit... that has nothing to do with hibiscus(Jamaica in Spanish). It’s such a popular fruit also...

    TashidoTashido4 måneder siden
  • Fun fact, a hibiscus only lives for one day before it dies

    Samantha McKaySamantha McKay4 måneder siden
  • Homs a todas las chicas

    Pedro AlarcónPedro Alarcón5 måneder siden
  • Actually I have a family in Cuba because my dad is Cuban and they always get piña colada

    Kamila21 alcalaKamila21 alcala5 måneder siden
  • Hay lele i know u probobley wont see this but i have seen your reasent videos i am only one person but i think u are a mazing and no one should tell u eny different i hope u are ok and never give up 😎 u are perfected as u are

    smith is my gamesmith is my game5 måneder siden
  • My god this is painful to watch

    MeowMeow5 måneder siden
  • Ah.hejazi

    Rso RealRso Real5 måneder siden
  • Ah.hejazi

    Rso RealRso Real5 måneder siden
  • Ah.hejazii

    Rso RealRso Real5 måneder siden
  • Hi my mom and me love you one day I whant to see you we allways put on your song we love you ❤️❤️

    Janneely FunezJanneely Funez6 måneder siden

    Random Person,Random Person,6 måneder siden
  • i am so obsessed with hannah’s clothesss!!!! where is it from?

    its midnightits midnight7 måneder siden
  • doesn’t venezuela have an anti gay marriage law?

    dannydanny7 måneder siden
  • doesn’t venezuela have an anti gay marriage law?

    dannydanny7 måneder siden
  • Came here from toms video obvious

    L HarrisL Harris7 måneder siden
  • See if I did make-up I would definitely get this

    FloLiFloLi7 måneder siden
  • My friends call me lele

    Levin KhertoLevin Kherto8 måneder siden
  • Bye Hannah making me laugh so hard rn ya friendship reminds me of mine and my Bestfriend😂

    Rachell AndelizRachell Andeliz8 måneder siden
  • Yaay i also love purple..... i love when my favourite celebrity love my favourite colour

    HRK ProductionHRK Production8 måneder siden
  • Love you Lele So proud of you And keep up the good work

    Frzneh MohmdiFrzneh Mohmdi8 måneder siden
  • You guys are so pretty! I could never... ❤❤😍

    Lillian AshbockerLillian Ashbocker8 måneder siden
  • Love

    enkeleida bekteshienkeleida bekteshi8 måneder siden
  • Is this a real thing? Cuz if it is then I want to buy some plz respond

    Hayden Chittim Rd NewsHayden Chittim Rd News9 måneder siden
  • Hi

    TheCloutKingTheCloutKing9 måneder siden
  • looking very Gourgies..and your all of make up collaboration i love it..

    Smritikona PyneSmritikona Pyne9 måneder siden
  • looking very Gourgies..and your all of make up collaboration i love it..

    Smritikona PyneSmritikona Pyne9 måneder siden
  • Μας τα εχεις πριξει με το γεγονος οτι εισαι λατινα

    Μαρια ΑλεξανδριδουΜαρια Αλεξανδριδου9 måneder siden
  • Lele I like you

    Quran BracewellQuran Bracewell9 måneder siden
  • I LOVE shackira lol idk how to spell

    Nikki’s ChannelNikki’s Channel10 måneder siden
  • I wont det

    Lindsay DelaereLindsay Delaere10 måneder siden
  • Were you get That make-up Lele♥️♥️♥️♥️🤗🇪🇸🇪🇸

    Christina’s ChannelChristina’s Channel10 måneder siden
  • Avlo español pero me encantan tus vídeos lele

    Lluna y su mundoLluna y su mundo10 måneder siden
  • When I can where makeup am so going to buy this

    Mommy and MeMommy and Me10 måneder siden
  • One min in and she already mentioned she’s Latina. Lmfao! I can’t with this girl.

    Veronica Anna HaddadVeronica Anna Haddad10 måneder siden
  • Wow Tarte really degraded it seems

    DziugaDziuga10 måneder siden
  • *are* *you* *latina*

    Alexander Crack-iltonAlexander Crack-ilton10 måneder siden
  • I haveeee cockroachessss 😂😂

    Koendjbiharie SarwanKoendjbiharie Sarwan10 måneder siden
  • Hibiscus is Jamaica in Spanish

    Aleee Channels3lAleee Channels3l10 måneder siden
  • I love Hannah

    Angelina LuongAngelina Luong11 måneder siden
  • I love you lele pons😀😍🥰🥰🤪🤩🥳😝😜🙁💘😜🤪😍😝🥰🙁🥳😀

    Elina Aria IoannouElina Aria Ioannou11 måneder siden
  • Pleaaaseee noticeee meeee😩❤️

    Ruchie BelRuchie Bel11 måneder siden
  • Hi you the best friend I will be so happy or

    Ariane J RosemondAriane J Rosemond11 måneder siden
  • Yoir eye's are beautiful

    Lindiwe HAITSMALindiwe HAITSMA11 måneder siden
  • Giving birth really isn’t all that bad it’s after childbirth. Some things just will never be the same again

    Megan RodriguezMegan Rodriguez11 måneder siden
  • Im from Venezuela ! Vive Venezuela 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪

    Veronica AliagaVeronica Aliaga11 måneder siden
  • Sup huge fan

    Novella NookNovella Nook11 måneder siden
  • Omg my dogs name is toby!!!

    Melanie GarciaMelanie GarciaÅr siden
  • Vailacwola

    Leslie VillarrealLeslie VillarrealÅr siden
  • Lele : I never leave the house with out my lip gloss will actually I do so my mom never forget to bring it for me

    Tihoney GordonTihoney GordonÅr siden
  • You girls look amazing wow love it

    Marinela Cleusia MaziveMarinela Cleusia MaziveÅr siden
  • I just bought the check and eye palette.

    AbigayleAbigayleÅr siden
  • I love Hanna stocking😘

    thanglunlal purose joutethanglunlal purose jouteÅr siden
  • hahahaha

    aaslanartistaaslanartistÅr siden
  • I love your vids

    Lacey SurkittLacey SurkittÅr siden
  • Hiiiiiiiiii

    Lacey SurkittLacey SurkittÅr siden
  • It’s okay but I don’t know how much to say

    Yuko JacksonYuko JacksonÅr siden
  • Hi

    Yuko JacksonYuko JacksonÅr siden
  • This pallet could be seen by anyother pallets like its not new or what. This could be like a repackage pallet from 2012 that didn’t sell.

    Kyle SinadjanKyle SinadjanÅr siden
  • Aww I talk to myself to

    Gisela PanjaitanGisela PanjaitanÅr siden
  • Que dijo purto rico donde vivo 😁 grasia lele pons

    bur wolfbur wolfÅr siden
  • I’m Puerto Rican thx for the compliment on the piña colada

    tuloca_jadewolfy_lovetuloca_jadewolfy_loveÅr siden
    • yea I bet all of the Puerto Rican were happy that she left

      dirtymindedhoedirtymindedhoe6 måneder siden
  • Me:*gets credit card ready*

    Nicki Who?Nicki Who?År siden
  • No one: Literally no one: Lele: I have coakcroaches as pets 😂

    李立生李立生År siden
  • It’s the finally video you have been acting normal LOL

    Roblox Isthebest5Roblox Isthebest5År siden
  • Collaborate with a grizzly bear next.

    diablos250diablos250År siden
  • Ur eyes are small!?!?! I am Asian

    lulu graysonlulu graysonÅr siden
  • I kannt understand spanich

    Carina SpigerCarina SpigerÅr siden
  • No

    JustJoshinWithUJustJoshinWithUÅr siden
  • 1:13 virgin virgin

    Crafts with JazminCrafts with JazminÅr siden
  • Eres de velesuela y yo soy colombiana!!!

    Lunita SierraLunita SierraÅr siden
  • Kobe feud on Sunday 😭❤️

    Breanna YouTube channel 2.0Breanna YouTube channel 2.0År siden
  • 1:49 look at boo boo cakes just barely sitting there, on the palette HOW CHEAP IS THAT!? and this is the promo video omg omg

    Vinu AnneVinu AnneÅr siden
    • I just noticed that🤣😅 I wanted to buy this because it's looks nice to travel w but idk how the colors will look on my dark tan skin.

      Deja ChhunDeja Chhun3 måneder siden
  • im puerto ricen :>

    Sheilyn AcevedoSheilyn AcevedoÅr siden
  • I have got your stuff and I loveeee it please more it’s very helpful

    Fun with Jackie SparkleFun with Jackie SparkleÅr siden
  • Now I want your palette just for Cabo...

    The Galaxy With ASMRThe Galaxy With ASMRÅr siden
  • I WANNA BUY IT!!! I asked my mom to buy it for my birthay and She said maybe😍😍😍😍😍😍( She diddn't say no😁😉) I Hope so I get it!!!

    CaelinnileacCaelinnileacÅr siden
  • Cabo looks rough asf

    Brooklyn MaddenBrooklyn MaddenÅr siden

    Julie BrownJulie BrownÅr siden
  • Bad

    Santiago RodriguezSantiago RodriguezÅr siden
  • 1:42 she be lookin like James Charles or is it just me? 😳

    Ame HsAme HsÅr siden
    • Nah I saw it abit

      EclispexEclispex4 måneder siden
    • it's just you

      Aldina HalilovicAldina HalilovicÅr siden
  • My grandma is Lita and my grandpa lito

    Seraiah the drawer and travelerSeraiah the drawer and travelerÅr siden
  • wtf...

    LúthienLúthienÅr siden
  • 4:20 proceeds to not show swatching the shade cause........we all know I took more than one try

    Kelly SkyKelly SkyÅr siden
    • and she even put it twice

      PEACHY TAEPEACHY TAE4 måneder siden
    • Keeping up With malu - tf ok?

      F B IF B I6 måneder siden
    • Kelly Sky rude

      Malu OnlineMalu Online11 måneder siden
  • 9:29 nice dog

    Tabassum MushfikaTabassum MushfikaÅr siden
  • lele's fear is giving birth. and do you what is mine??? 😭 you gonna laugh out loud 😂

    Tabassum MushfikaTabassum MushfikaÅr siden
    • Tabassum Mushfika what

      SquigglesSquigglesÅr siden
  • Can you do more make up

    バカラナバカラナÅr siden
  • I am a Puerto Rican and I love piña colada I wanted to meet you but I couldn’t

    Crystal MarieCrystal MarieÅr siden
  • I’ve been to Cabo before too

    Shaila MartinezShaila MartinezÅr siden
  • This is so scripted it hurts

    AnyaAnyaÅr siden
    • I agree, soo cringy

      Amy Keppel-JonesAmy Keppel-JonesÅr siden
  • .................aye aye aye...

    Dumb BitchDumb BitchÅr siden
  • 4:29 That black shade 🥴

    KaylaKaylaÅr siden
  • anyone else notice that her ear is so much lighter than the rest of her

    Julie SaucedoJulie SaucedoÅr siden
    • She has a spray tan thing it prettu cool!

      Hayden Chittim Rd NewsHayden Chittim Rd News9 måneder siden
    • Bc she has foundation on

      Malu OnlineMalu Online11 måneder siden
    • She looks pretty

      Lucy RivasLucy RivasÅr siden
    • look at her neck...

      Hanni EdlingerHanni EdlingerÅr siden