How To Make a Friend in 10 Hours | Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking, Rudy Mancuso & Anwar Jibawi

8. nov.. 2019
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  • At 50 when she sied her phone was going to run out of battery it’s on full present 😂

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  • Bts SUCKS

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  • This was fun it made my day :D

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  • Cody Ko was dissing on Lele Pons so I had to see if this chick actually sucked ass at comedy and omg was he right! I felt like that five minutes and six seconds was a complete and utter waste of time like holy shit it’s like a 4 year old wrote this my god!

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  • LeLe pons I love you and it doesn't matter what the internet says.... Keep shinning cos you're a Star 🌟♥️♥️

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  • Hey lele pons thanks for making this video i love watching your videos they take my mind of things.

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  • When she said my phone is out of battery it was fully charged embarrassing and awkward

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  • Poor Rudy he got pushed by lele

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  • Is lele having long or short haar?

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  • Hannah: lele look at your boots Lele: *kicks her*

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  • Your so funny Lele I love you ♡︎

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  • It takes me soooo long to make friends because it’s so HARD to talk to people so I just avoid people😆😁🙂🙃😕🙁☹️😔😣😖😫😢😭

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  • But your phone ran out so how can you use your phone in the bathroom

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  • lele i really want to tell you that i know youre strong and beautiful i love you and i really like your videos

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  • I dont laugh once..

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  • Good job Lele. This is good content... that is if you like bad content.

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  • Bruh that plot twist tho 👏👏👏

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  • I met all of my friends by giving them some of my chips

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  • I dont know what is more funny lele pons or a potatoe in a skate board

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  • I choked on laughing how funny this video is

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  • lele is so talented that she is sponsored by google

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  • *presses into Lele’s channel and then just see a lot of Google ads*

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  • *In kindergarden* Me: what do you have My BFF: a potato. Me: We are friends.

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  • if you pause on 5:05 you have to sleep with one eye open tonight lol!

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  • Google need no promotion

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  • You are very beautiful and talented Lele you always makes me laugh!!! A huge fan from India❤❤

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  • Anyone else see the person recording in Hannah’s glasses (0:34)

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  • I thought her friend phone died how did she text her mom

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  • Tbh honest when I was in 3rd grade I got friends so fast that James Charles couldn't even say hi sisters 😂

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  • So Anwar was a Cameo in the Video I see ;-;

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  • Everytime that girl says or does or watches what she likes, and Lele ain't familleir,: *Google's it*

  • Dude a super cute rocker girl that likes soccer, must be my lucky day

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  • Once I met a new girl in elementary school... I said hi... She said hi... She said wanna be best friends? And I said sure... I still know her years later.

  • 👇I love u

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  • How to make an friend (on highschool) Hey Hi? Wanna be friends? Sure! How to make a friend ( adults version) Uhm hey Hello? Do i know you No you dont but want to be my friend? I just frickin met you-

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