The Untold Story of Zorro | Lele Pons & Juanpa Zurita

5. april. 2019
5 339 987 Ganger

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    Lele PonsLele PonsÅr siden
    • Hi lele your the best 🦋💞🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🌈🌈🌈

      Val HajVal HajMåned siden
    • It is so funny for me

      Alaunie CortezAlaunie Cortez2 måneder siden
    • Mine is Cinderella

      Maggie StoneMaggie Stone3 måneder siden
    • 2:12 the best part

      Maggie StoneMaggie Stone3 måneder siden
    • You are so funny

      Esmeralda Del villarEsmeralda Del villar3 måneder siden
  • When she fatred

    Tala's Fun worldTala's Fun worldDag siden
  • Lele do be looking in that outfit😌☺️

    *Gamez with Wolv3z**Gamez with Wolv3z*Dag siden
  • Lele looks good in the purple dress

    Kaye MacasKaye Macas3 dager siden
  • I really love your videos so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    donut liadonut lia9 dager siden
  • can you do rupanzel pls

    Maria lace ElguiraMaria lace Elguira12 dager siden
  • I love how someone always get slapped😂

    Vanessa 14Vanessa 1414 dager siden
  • You are the best one

    Sonie StpreuxSonie Stpreux22 dager siden
  • About mermaids 🧜🏽‍♀️

    LLuvia BautistaLLuvia Bautista23 dager siden
  • I am Jamaican black and beautiful I love this video it is my fav

    Sandra SamuelsSandra Samuels25 dager siden
  • I really love watching these two in one film XD

    katelyn Nanaminekatelyn Nanamine27 dager siden
  • Oh damn

    zz tituszz titusMåned siden
  • What he is werid

    zz tituszz titusMåned siden
  • Lele look so pretty on that dress

    Anish NaikAnish NaikMåned siden
  • Wen i was 6 years old I watched The Mask of Zorro

    Andrea ThrasivoulouAndrea ThrasivoulouMåned siden
  • first thing that comes to mind when i see this...hmmm red dead redemption i think im the only one ;w;

    Anna SirenHeads WifeAnna SirenHeads WifeMåned siden
  • Iele pons awesome 😎😋

    clavis olemgbeclavis olemgbeMåned siden
  • yo she's rocking that dress

    Charlotte GunnCharlotte GunnMåned siden
  • Wow like it

    spy squad team squadspy squad team squadMåned siden
  • the oh he brought a horse got me laughing🤣💀🤣

    maryann and marionemaryann and marioneMåned siden
  • Juanpas acting tho-

    oOMatcha MoqaOooOMatcha MoqaOo2 måneder siden
  • I am taking a bath!

    Juanita maryleneJuanita marylene2 måneder siden
  • It is so funny to me

    Alaunie CortezAlaunie Cortez2 måneder siden
  • El zorro no es latino , es español , mas correctamente andaluz , nada de apropiaciones culturales

    Milagrosa Moreno TimoteoMilagrosa Moreno Timoteo2 måneder siden
  • everybody: omg juanpa! love you! 🥰 me: hey look it’s cory! 😯

    Jay 4Jay 42 måneder siden
  • Dont let her trick u,thats rightkeep ur mask on😃😃😃🤣

    Shardonay TalbertShardonay Talbert2 måneder siden
  • The camera man on the figthing scene be like: OH GOD I CANT TALK AHHH DONT GET THE SWORD ON YOU

    little_ llamalollittle_ llamalol3 måneder siden
  • Hello

  • That ending 😂🤣😂😂🤣👌

    Calah McDonaldCalah McDonald3 måneder siden
  • Omg are you Jamaica cause you are Ja ma can mi crazy, omg that was so dumb🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤦🤣🤣😂😂. Shout out to all Jamaican 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

    Calah McDonaldCalah McDonald3 måneder siden
  • Pongan subtítulos en español, no se van a arrepentir

    Potasio taqueroPotasio taquero3 måneder siden
  • Me fangirling over the costumes for 5 minutes straight.

    Amelia AAmelia A3 måneder siden
  • Lele you ate very pretty ii love your hair!!♥

    Minh DoanMinh Doan3 måneder siden
  • I’d wonder fit

    Dusty FreewaltDusty Freewalt3 måneder siden

    Fara OFara O3 måneder siden
  • Realy i am a Jamaica and if you were my boyfriend i would laugh at you bad

    Aprel RichardsAprel Richards3 måneder siden
  • *me when I realise my dad is watching that right now* Me: :O

    Amagda MartinezAmagda Martinez3 måneder siden

    Sofí_ ClubSofí_ Club3 måneder siden
  • lele: shit shut up mr.police i working to hard - __-

    JONJON lazaroJONJON lazaro3 måneder siden
  • The office looks like guava jiuce's video in "10 things not to do at a office"

    Matthew studiosMatthew studios3 måneder siden
  • Hay una traducción de mierda, tremendo hater el que la haya hecho

    Micaela BenítezMicaela Benítez4 måneder siden
  • Lele is perfect for a romantic comedy princess movie ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    gauri de silvagauri de silva4 måneder siden
  • Ok um

    KatieKatie4 måneder siden
  • Juapa zurita : are from Tennessee cuz you're the only ten I see

    Jonathan VillarrealJonathan Villarreal4 måneder siden
  • 2:17 lele looks so prettyyyy she looks dreamy 🤯🤩😲🥴

    Pavan MvPavan Mv4 måneder siden
  • um i like pochahontas

    Amiya BetheaAmiya Bethea4 måneder siden
  • Isn't Zorro the uiji board ghost?

    CarrotZRCarrotZR4 måneder siden
  • Nooooooooooooo so defrosted

    khoulod zahrakhoulod zahra4 måneder siden
  • Let's be honest Lele is beautiful

    sandy paringitsandy paringit4 måneder siden
  • I love how he walk with tarnardo

    Peja LevyPeja Levy4 måneder siden
  • Also lele looks gorgeous in this video like a real princess

    Prinita PillayPrinita Pillay4 måneder siden
  • My favourite fairytale was definitely this and the toothfairy

    Prinita PillayPrinita Pillay4 måneder siden
  • ahahahah a trap

    Peter Andrei CallantaPeter Andrei Callanta5 måneder siden
  • im a fan I like your vids thank you!

    Peter Andrei CallantaPeter Andrei Callanta5 måneder siden
  • 2:02 No one gonna talk about them lady who ran into jail?

    Purple_ PhoenixXXPurple_ PhoenixXX5 måneder siden
  • This looks legit real😆😇

    mohammed firozmohammed firoz5 måneder siden
  • I don’t no

    Linde-Sophie dBLinde-Sophie dB5 måneder siden
  • No one:..... Lele: how to start a fight?

    Lintang ayu PrameswariLintang ayu Prameswari5 måneder siden
  • I should Lele as act like that😘😘👍🏻

    Ray FosterRay Foster5 måneder siden
  • Love the horse

    Cookies!!! That one weird MexicanCookies!!! That one weird Mexican5 måneder siden
  • Lele is looking so beautiful

    Suraiya SilviaSuraiya Silvia5 måneder siden
  • I love you I'm your biggest fan ahhhhhhhh

    Carolyn HookerCarolyn Hooker5 måneder siden
  • This is good

    Kevoy mckenzieKevoy mckenzie5 måneder siden
  • I thought this was an actual movie

    Jaianne Ayla ReyesJaianne Ayla Reyes5 måneder siden
  • Lele. Pons. es. pero. que. seamos. amigas

    Claudia RiveraClaudia Rivera5 måneder siden
  • Ola. me. Yamo. Emily Alison García. Rivera. soy. tu fan. número. uno😇

    Claudia RiveraClaudia Rivera5 måneder siden
  • Zorro I wached the real movie of Zorro with my dad I like the part where Zorro meets up with the girl with the green dress at the blacony

    Baisan AlrefaeBaisan Alrefae6 måneder siden
  • Please make part 2

    Faris SalaitahFaris Salaitah6 måneder siden
  • Lele place do prat 2

  • Omg i love the movie zorro

    CookiesAre YummyCookiesAre Yummy6 måneder siden
  • Γκιούσας Perry Γιώργος campaign

    german shepherd kennelgerman shepherd kennel6 måneder siden
  • is zorro shawn mendes???

    YEO SHU XING MoeYEO SHU XING Moe6 måneder siden
  • He played both of them

    Faye NonyaFaye Nonya6 måneder siden
  • This would be a bomb movie

    WG_ GOLDWG_ GOLD6 måneder siden
  • The first thing I thought of when I heard Catherine Zeta-Jones: VELMA KELLY OH MEH GAWD

    MacamøønMacamøøn6 måneder siden
  • Those pickup lines killed me😂🤣😂

    Banana ChristianBanana Christian6 måneder siden
  • Isn't that the guy from that's so Raven that played Ravens brother at the beginning?

    Bby PastelsBby Pastels6 måneder siden
  • OMG NO

    Griselda MarquezGriselda Marquez6 måneder siden
  • I love your videos you do

    Isobelle the foxIsobelle the fox6 måneder siden
  • He's my husband

    Lola BanksLola Banks7 måneder siden
  • What you had a. Crush on him

    Lola BanksLola Banks7 måneder siden
  • I love Lele.❤

    Thura AungThura Aung7 måneder siden
  • El que haya hecho los subtitulos muchisimas gracias por joderme :) Y por que eres hater de Lele si es mejor que tu??

    Galaxy-Chan UwUGalaxy-Chan UwU7 måneder siden
  • How do i start a fight? 💯😂

    The book of lifeThe book of life7 måneder siden
  • Police look at the camra

    Alessandro PetersAlessandro Peters7 måneder siden
  • I love you LELE

    Mamtha SimhaMamtha Simha7 måneder siden
  • Zorro : “telling his horse” I love you thanks for being here 😊 Lele : 😳. Me : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    xflower _.xflower _.7 måneder siden
  • Your videos are the best even the one 5 years ago

    Rachel LangdownRachel Langdown7 måneder siden
  • Lele ♟ ♟ Lele

    Lareb FATAMALareb FATAMA7 måneder siden
  • THAKS for

    Lareb FATAMALareb FATAMA7 måneder siden
  • Oh I remember Zorro

    Anna PowerAnna Power7 måneder siden
  • i like to see u

    Kelly ChavezKelly Chavez7 måneder siden
  • 790943 9Wfnrc 271838

    priscilla :0priscilla :07 måneder siden
  • Who's Zorro..?

    Blue CrushBlue Crush7 måneder siden
  • Omg Zorro

    Midiam Elisa RiveraMidiam Elisa Rivera7 måneder siden
  • Juanpa Zurita and lele pons

    Olivia WILLIAMSOlivia WILLIAMS7 måneder siden
  • Zuanpa+lele=best couple

    Samira JannatSamira Jannat8 måneder siden
  • Alguien me puede decir porque en la parte de la canción que termina el vídeo, los subtitulos decían cosas malas? SI SON LOS MEJORES VÍDEOS Y AMO A LELE PONS.

    isabella chavezisabella chavez8 måneder siden
  • Omg lele ur so pretty

    Maryam-Bint-Ikhtesad MANNAN 2026Maryam-Bint-Ikhtesad MANNAN 20268 måneder siden
  • 2020 anyone

    Jocelyn SJocelyn S8 måneder siden